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The end justifies the means

When thinking about the eco-design of a shoe, the end of life is one of the key elements to consider: how the shoe will deteriorate once it is used.


For our Popcorn trainer, we decided to use linen for our laces instead of organic cotton or recycled polyester as is usually done. For us, linen is a good choice.

A shoe made of corn, but why?

First of all, let's remember that our specifications were not to replace animal leather with a synthetic material that is harmful to the environment.

Welcome to the SLOW NOW era

Or when compulsive buying turns into a desired and considered purchase The major problem of the textile industry today is the overproduction of clothes. According to the industry's figures, 2.6 million people are...

Ever greener textiles?

Plant-based materials such as corn fibre, pineapple, apple or natural rubber have a lot going for them. These natural resources consume considerably less water than beef...

Recycling or greening fashion?

Today, recycling in fashion is not a debate. It is a fact of life. In France alone, 600,000 tonnes of clothing are put on the market and unfortunately barely 10% of it is recycled.

Vegan materials yes, but not synthetic!

Today, the animal cause is more and more at the heart of fashion brands' reflections. And that's just as well! Creating a product in natural fur is nowadays unimaginable for a brand....

Creating eco-friendly shoes

The manufacture and industrialisation of a shoe is a complex process which involves more than a hundred operations from shaping, cutting, stitching, assembly, finishing...

Why did you choose the city shoe?

We've been asked this question several times since the launch of Supergreen, the plant-based city shoes. Why not trainers or pumps? Here are the 3 reasons why.