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Our approach from A to Z

1. We harvest your desires

We want to create shoe models that you really want and need. So we regularly ask you for your opinion on the models you like, the colours, the materials... You decide! This is done through questionnaires or surveys on instagram to understand you and meet your needs. You are our SUPER TEAM!

2. Ecological solutions are explored

We are constantly looking for the latest ecological innovations. 

We study the technical feasibility, environmental impact, style and durability to create the green shoes of your dreams. 

Our microcosm of supplier partners is made up of engineers, industrialists and specialists who are driven by the same desire to innovate and minimise the impact of the footwear industry.

3. Pre-order is now open!

That's it, the model is ready! It's what you want, it's eco-responsible and it's sustainable.

It only remains to offer it to you in pre-order. 

If the demand is high, then a very limited series is also produced, so that the waiting time is reduced.

This system guarantees a reasoned production 🌱 We thumb our nose at fast fashion and overproduction

4. We make your pair of Supergreens

If it is a pre-order, it takes between 2 and 4 months for your pair to be ready, the time for the manufacture of all the materials that compose the shoe (the upper, the sole, the lining, the laces, ...) and the assembly by hand. 

Why can't you buy your shoes whenever you want?

We choose to pre-order every new model launch so as not to waste the planet's resources for nothing and thus avoid overproduction.

When the model is well established, mini-series are produced to reduce your waiting time.

For you, it's the guarantee of the best price all year round because we don't do any sales or private sales...  😃