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Creating eco-friendly shoes

The manufacture and industrialization of a shoe is a complex process that involves more than a hundred operations from shaping, cutting, stitching, assembling, finishing...It is also composed of many elements between the materials on top, inside, the sole, the accessories, laces, reinforcements and others.

It is a real challenge to think about the ecological and ethical impact of each element to create a product that is sustainable and stylish. 

This is what we have undertaken with SUPERGREEN, from the material of the top to the thread of the stitches to the glue used. To do this, we studied, read, tested new materials, questioned experts, and met people involved in the same approach to find what we thought was the most eco-responsible solution possible.

We were challenged by engineers, environmentalists, cobblers, and we learned from them and responded to each of their comments in a positive and reasoned way. So how did we build our product? First, we based ourselves on factual figures via studies such as those of the Boston Consulting Group, the UN or the Higg MSI on water consumption for example, the specificities of each material, the process... Then we chose strong choices such as stopping using leather and avoiding petroleum-based materials as much as possible. A determining factor was to question each supplier. We pestered them with questions: where do the raw materials come from, how are they made? What are their compositions? Are the employees treated well?

Finally, style was the final element, because even though we think about all these issues, shoes are first and foremost a fashion product, aren't they? 

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