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Why did you choose the city shoe?

We've been asked this question several times since the launch of Supergreen, the plant-based city shoes. Why not trainers or pumps? Here are the 3 reasons why!

Reason 1: The leather issue 

The overwhelming majority of city shoes are made of leather. As we wanted to tackle the issue of leather and reach a wide audience, it seemed wise to start with the heart of this industry: derbies! 

 Reason 2: The technical challenge 

We like challenges at SUPERGREEN and it is true that if there are very few qualitative and vegan city shoes, it is for a good reason: Unlike trainers, city shoes are composed of large inserts such as the "upper" (the front of the shoe). This insert exposes the material particularly during the manufacturing process (shaping) as well as during daily use. The toe of the shoe can be damaged very quickly when it is stepped on, by hitting the pavement or other... It is therefore imperative to have a material that can withstand the shock! For the vast majority of synthetic leathers, the problem of quality and the "fake" look are real brakes for the consumer.

Durability as well as appearance therefore became an essential element in our project. Our SUPER MATERIAL made of corn fibre was first tested and certified as suitable for marketing by a professional laboratory. Then we tested it personally for 6 months and we must say that we were blown away. The material performs extremely well in the rain, when running in the street... We didn't spare it! So we can say that yes, it is SUPER DURABLE!

Reason 3: Elegance is back! 

For the last 2/3 years, fashion has been carried away by a heavy trend called "Ugly Fashion" and we have to admit that platform trainers, animal prints mixed with fluorescent, references to the 2000s, to Britney, are not really our thing. So to create this new project, we wanted elegance, style, tailoring but still with a certain modernity. A fashion product that remains quite timeless because if the trends come and go, the style remains.

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Je n’arrive plus à mettre d’autres chaussures que vos derby marron ! Il y avait déjà les bénéfices écologiques, le style est élégant et qualitatif, mais en plus la sensation de confort est très particulière, elles sont enveloppantes, souples, tout en gardant une belle forme et en résistant à tout – je marche pas mal.
Bref, dépêchez-vous de relancer la production, please !!

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