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For our Popcorn trainer,we decided to use linen for our laces instead of organic cotton or recycled polyester as usual. 

For us, linen embodies our vision of fashion.
It is a natural material that does not generate any plastic micro-particles, whether recycled or not! Linen does not require any fertiliser or pesticide. No watering is needed, rainwater alone is sufficient. The transformation process between the plant and the final material does not require any chemicals. Flax is biodegradable which is essential when considering the end-of-life impact. Our lace is developed in the Choletais regionby a company that is a living heritage company. The challenge was to create a natural bleached lace that would match the white of our trainer (linen tends to keep natural off-white tones). We gave them a hard time but the challenge was successful!

The revival of linen made in France is underway with actors who have made it their own. We are thinking of the LINportant team that we met at the Made In France trade fair or the PAÏSAN colleagues who are in the ULULE campaign just like us!

A material of the future to be reinvented to make it desirable, sexy and ecological.

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