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Is committed fashion out of fashion???

At Supergreen, we're always trying to be positive, full of light and good vibes, but today we'd like to have a word with you. 

We explain. Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024 has just ended. As fashion lovers, we follow the shows and the fashion news. We love discovering new collections, such as Balmain's sublime floral theme or the striking power of the Louis Vuitton show. During this period, an accumulation of events has led us to ask the question: is committed fashion out of fashion? 

First question about commitment to animal welfare. In recent weeks, we've learned that LVMH has bought the Verdeveleno tannery, which specializes in "exotic" leathers, i.e. the skins of crocodiles and alligators, which are poached and killed in atrocious ways. We'll spare you the details, which are very well explained by the association PETA (1) Is it really necessary these days to torture these animals for bags and belts? Not only does LVMH answer this question in the affirmative, but by investing in this tannery, it is giving the signal that these methods are the future of fashion! Congratulations to Jeremstar for his hard-hitting action on this issue.

Secondly, looking at these fashion shows, we realize that the dictatorship of size 34/36 is back. Where has the diversity of morphologies gone? The fashion world is falling back into this pattern. Vogue has already written an excellent analysis denouncing this return to "normal": 95.6% of the models who walked the catwalk were between size 32 and 36 for the winter 23/24 season (2). This lack of inclusion seems to be confirmed for Summer 24, and it's clearly a regression!

Last but not least, reading an article from the very serious Fashion Network citing the ten trends of the season (3), we note between "bare shoulders" and "culotte shorts" the trend for "plastic" "Plastic, thought to have been banished from collections, is back with a vengeance on the catwalks" says the media outlet. How can plastic still be a trend in 2023? Plastic is useful when there are no other alternatives, but it can't and should never be a "trend"! Where's the research into working with natural materials like linen and hemp? After all this information, we have the feeling that fashion, which had committed (forcibly?) to change after the COVID crisis, has forgotten its good resolutions. And yet, as we write, yesterday saw a fashion show at the Palais Galliera organized by the UAMP (Une autre mode est possible) collective, showing fresh, ambitious, spontaneous and committed fashion. Players such as Patine and Asphalte are becoming major players in the fashion industry, with new models that are much more committed to recycling and pre-ordering. At our level at Supergreen, we are committed to the animal cause and bio-sourced materials. We recently received our official Clear Fashion score (the independent application that rates fashion brands), which is 79/100. We're the leader in the footwear category. So, yes, there's work to be done, but we're convinced that committed fashion has a bright future and is still on trend. What do you think?




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