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A shoe made of corn, but why?

First of all, let's remember that our specifications were not to replace animal leather with a synthetic material that is harmful to the environment 

This is the case of corn, which has very interesting properties from an ecological point of view:

  • It is a renewable natural resource. 
  • Ours is guaranteed GMO-free. 
  • Its water consumption is reasonable. To grow 1 kilo of this corn, 238 litres of water are needed, compared to 5263 litres for cotton and 13500 litres for beef! And that's without counting the large amount of water needed to transform the raw material into the finished product for the shoe (leather or cotton textile).

But also from an ethical point of view because the one we use is not the one you find in your salads or in your popcorns, so it does not deprive anyone of its nutritional benefits!

This is corn grown to produce renewable energy in the form of bioethanol and biomaterials. It is used to manufacture the famous bioethanol, but also glue, paper, construction materials, detergents, paints, biodegradable materials (nappies, disposable tableware, shopping bags, coffee capsules, etc.), medicines and cosmetics.

Its use reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and creates greener jobs.

Corn is now a real alternative to petrochemicals and we like that at SUPERGREEN!

You might say, Ok that's all well and good, but what about its durability when used to make my shoes?

Well, from a technical point of view, its fibre has similar characteristics to cotton fibre. It is even the natural fibre that provides the best elasticity and durability. 

To turn the corn fibre into our SUPER material, there is a secret recipe and several steps in which the corn is broken down, heated, centrifuged to a thick milk-like liquid and then mixed with other materials including wood. 

The result is amazing because our SUPER Material looks like leather, is resistant and breathable and can be cleaned with a simple wipe. It is guaranteed free of animal origin and free of substances that are harmful to health and the environment (Oeko Tex 100 certified).

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