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Welcome to the SLOW NOW era

Or when compulsive buying turns into a desired and thoughtful purchase

The major problem in the textile industry today is the overproduction of clothing. 

According to industry figures, 2.6 billion items of clothing and footwear are put on the market in France each year, which represents 39 items per French person. 

And every year, half of these parts are manufactured for nothing: they end up in alternative circuits or in landfill when the latter can no longer absorb 

At SUPERGREEN, we have slow-fashion in our blood and advocate a slower and more virtuous system: that of pre-ordering!

In other words, every pair we produce already has an owner.

The benefits are multiple: 

- It's good for the planet: no unnecessary overproduction so we don't use up resources for nothing and produce polluting waste (stocks)

- This is good for your wallet as it allows us to offer you a fairer price as we know we will not be having a sale. 

- It's great because it allows you to buy a new pair of shoes with a conscience, to have a tenfold desire and to support a responsible brand.

How does this work in practice?

1. You buy your pair during one of our limited time pre-order campaigns

2. We produce your pair 

3. It is delivered to you 2 to 4 months after your order 

All this while sharing with you the different steps. 

In the end, the only real sacrifice is patience, but isn't that one of the pleasures of life, to regain a taste for time?

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